Do you sell a blank form Will kit?

No, our service is not a blank form Will kit, and we would not recommend that you use a Will product that is based on filling in the blanks like this.
Our service is an interactive tool that guides you through the process of preparing a Will. It is specific to each State, and always kept up-to-date to reflect any changes in the law. Most importantly, by guiding you through the process, it insures that you are prompted for the right information for your situation. For example, if you have minor children, you will be asked to name guardians for those children, and set up trusts for any minor beneficiaries.
Interactive services like ours also make sure that every situation is covered. You do not only create a distribution plan, but you must also make an alternate plan just in case your first choice plan cannot work for some reason. For example, if you and your main beneficiary are both involved in a common accident.
We have seen some blank form kits that include large blank spaces for things like "what powers do you want to give the Trustee?". This is an extremely difficult question to ask somebody with no legal training. Our service asks you questions in plain English and then writes the correct legal wording based on your responses.
An interactive Will service is somewhat like online tax preparation software. A blank form kit is like trying to file your taxes using standard paper government forms.
We strongly recommend that you do not use a blank form kit to prepare your Will. They are the most technically difficult way to prepare a well drafted Last Will and Testament.