Can I create a codicil to an existing Will?

You cannot create a codicil to an existing Will using our system. Codicils are rarely used in modern times.
They were popular back in the day before computers and printers because they saved the effort of re-typing or writing a new Will. You would just attach a piece of paper to the Will, which said words to the effect of "for clause 3, instead of John Doe being the Executor, I would like James Smith to be the Executor".
Using our system, we would encourage you to prepare a new Will. The whole process takes about 20 minutes, and costs less than the price of a codicil. A codicil must be signed in the presence of two witnesses in the same way as a new Will, so there is no shortcut in preparing a codicil, but they can cause a great deal of confusion.
The advantage of using to prepare your new Will is that if you need to make any updates in the future, you can simply login to your account, make the change, and print your updated Last Will and Testament. Every time you make an update you must sign the new document in the presence of two witnesses to make a new Will.