I have a Groupon how do I redeem it?

Firstly, don't worry if your Groupon has an expiry date. This date is set by Groupon, but we do not expire vouchers, so it will still work for you at the full value long after it has technically expired.
You need your 8 letter Groupon voucher e.g.TWHDGWTD. Your Groupon order confirmation number is a longer set of numbers, this will not work for you. You need the 8 letter voucher code. If you do not have this, go back to your Groupon account and view previously purchased vouchers.
The way the transaction works is that you buy this voucher code from Groupon. You will then go to www.uslegalwills.com to set up your account with us, apply the services to your account, and then apply your voucher code. The voucher code will zero out your shopping cart. There is nothing additional to pay over and above your Groupon payment. 
There are two offers running with Groupon; The first offer is the Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney with one year of updates. The second offer has the same services, but with 5 years of unlimited updates to these documents.
We have created two landing pages to make this process easier and have been set up specifically to allow you to create your account and redeem your Groupon voucher. If you have purchased the one year deal, please go to
For the 5-year option, visit
If you have already set up your account at USLegalWills.com you can still use your Groupon voucher. Login to your account, click on Upgrades and then select the MyWill, MyPowerofAttorney and MyLivingWill services, scroll down and apply either the 1 year or 5 year option. Then scroll further and you will see a space asking for a Reference Code. Enter your 8 letter Groupon voucher code into this space and click Apply. The shopping cart total should then zero out. Even though the shopping cart is zero, you should still step through the payment process and even select a payment method. This will then apply the services to your account.