Can I use this service to write a Will for somebody else, like my parents?

Yes. Our service requires you to have access to a computer and the internet, and feel comfortable using your computer. Everybody needs a Will, but some people do not have that level of comfort in using technology. For example, if you have parents who need a Will, you can step through the service on their behalf, and create their document for them. They would then simply sign the final document to make it their legal Will. To do this, follow these steps.
Go to and step through the service
At any point, save your work and create the account for the "testator" (the person for whom the Will is being written). You can choose the User ID and password, and use your own email address, but the account must use the first and last name of the person that the Will is being written for. This means that you can set up separate accounts for different people using the same email address, for example, one for your mother and one for your father.
After you have created the document, you must download and print it. The testator must then read and understand the document. They must have the capacity to understand the implications of their Will, and understand what the Will is doing. Not just with respect to the distribution of their estate, but also with the key appointments, like their appointment of the Executor.
They must then sign the document in the presence of two witnesses who have absolutely nothing to gain from the contents of the Will. Once the document is signed, and the two witnesses have signed, then they have a legal Last Will and Testament. There is no legal requirement to have the document signed by a lawyer or notarized.
When you are creating the document, you can either sit with the testator and work through it with them. Or if this is inconvenient, you can gather up their information using the attached form. If you have the answers to the questions in this form, then you have enough information to complete the service on their behalf.