Can you send me a blank form Will kit?

No, I'm sorry, our service is all online and interactive. We do not send out blank form Will kits and there are a number of very good reasons why we don't.

1. Blank form Will kits are a really poor way to write a Will.

It's not so much what they include, it's more to do with what they omit. Blank form Will kits typically leave large blank spaces for you to describe things like the distribution of your estate, the powers being granted to the Executor and Trustee and "any other directions". Even a qualified estate planning professional would struggle to draft a well written Will using a blank form template. A well drafted Will includes provisions for alternate scenarios to cover for example, you being involved in the same accident as your main beneficiary. It includes a residual clause, allows you to create charitable bequests, trusts for pets, trusts for minor beneficiaries, set up appropriate guardianship arrangements for young children. You can even create lifetime interests in your estate if your spouse is not the biological parent of your children. The powers being granted to the trustee are usually more than ten legal clauses that explain what the Executor can and cannot do. It is impossible for a layperson to write these clauses with no legal training.

2. There are classic errors made with blank form Will kits

It is very common for people to do things like attempt to list all of their possessions in their Will. This leaves the Will with no plan for assets acquired after the writing of the document. It also rarely includes a "residual clause" for all of the assets that for whatever reason cannot be given to the intended beneficiary.

3. Will kits are generally not kept up-to-date

If you look on Amazon for a Will kit, they are still selling some that date back to 1999. There have been many important law changes in estate planning since this time, these include the recognition of same sex partnerships, handling of digital assets, the status of a Will after marriage or divorce, and many others. If you write a Will using a kit from 1999, it may not even be a legal document.

4. A Will kit allows you to do things that legally you cannot do

There are no checks in a blank form Will kit to stop you from disinheriting a spouse, or minor child. Or even doing something as simple as miscalculating shares so that you leave 1/6 of your estate to each of your four children, with the remaining quarter going to your spouse. 

5. The language isn't very sophisticated.

If you are setting up a trust for a young beneficiary using a blank form Will kit, it probably doesn't do a good job of describing the terms of the trust. Can the trustee release funds for the benefit of the child while they are growing up? Can they give money to the guardian for the care of the child? Can the child access portions of the trust at different ages? A service like ours gives detailed directions in the creation of the trust, in a far more detailed way than a blank form kit.

6. What about updates?

If you need to make a change or update to a Will that was created using a blank form Will kit, you may be tempted to write the change directly on the document. This is a terrible idea and opens the Will up to a challenge from anybody not named in the document. Using our service, you simply login to your account, make the change and print a new document for signing. Once you sign the new document in the presence of two witnesses, you have a new legal Last Will and Testament.