When I try to print the Will, I only print blank pages

We occasionally hear from people who try to print their final document, and for the Will, only the last 4 pages print. The first 5-6 pages that contain the actual Will text, just come out of the printer as blank pages. The same issue can occur for all pages in a Living Will or Power of Attorney document.
This is a bug in Adobe Reader, but there is a workaround.
Firstly, do not print from within your browser. Make sure that you download your document as a file and save it to your computer. Then right click and use the "open with...." and select Adobe Reader.
Then either click on the Printer icon at the top, or select Print from the File menu. Make sure that just under the name of your printer the option to print as greyscale is not selected. Then click on Advanced, next to the name of your printer.
Look towards the bottom of the option, and there is an option labelled "Print as Image". Check this option, and then click "Ok"
You can then print the document, and the text should appear on the pages.