How do I create a Mirror Will?

We have created an efficient process to prepare your mirror Will. This allows you to transfer data from your account to a second account, and set up the second spousal account, all from one convenient tool. Each of you will have your own account, with your own User ID and password, but you can create this from within your own account.
To create the mirror Will, you should login to your account, and click on MyWill. The seventh option down is "Create a Mirror Will for your spouse/partner"
There are three steps to creating the mirror Will. You firstly decide which components of your Will you wish to transfer to the second account. This can include your designated guardians and executors, your children and grandchildren. Select each piece of data that you wish to transfer.
If your spouse/partner already has an account, then you can enter that account information and transfer the data. If your spouse/partner does not currently have an account, then you create this account from this page. 
If you have already paid for your Will, then your spousal reference code will be automatically entered for you, and this will give you 40 percent off the order for your spouse/partner.
You then export the data.
It is very important, once the data has been exported, that you still step through the full Will service in your spouse/partner's account. You may have exported some information that may not make complete sense in the new account.
If you are working on both Wills from the same computer, please make sure that you completely logout of one account before logging in and working on the other account. You cannot have both accounts open at the same time, because the system can get confused.